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League City TX Day care: Understanding brain development in your young child

Posted on 01-23-2015


Parents become excited when a new infant is brought into their home, but with it comes a great deal of responsibility. A child needs to feel loved and respected, while being nurtured with effective child care and brain development. As parents balance work and home life, they do not have to feel alone in this endeavor. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of League City, Texas will offer helpful daycare tips and advice. You can rest assured that we will provide an exceptional environment, where your child will experience age-appropriate activities to stimulate early brain development, and a sound educational foundation.

Every experience promotes learning

Your child learns a substantial amount through experiences, such as seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and even tasting various objects. A young infant has a minimal amount of knowledge, making each new experience exciting. When your preschool child is having fun or acting out of curiosity, brain development is reaching peak performance.

Fun is an integral part of healthy development

As a new parent, be sure to make every experience exciting and fun for your child. These early experiences will aid in encouraging your child’s brain to develop exponentially. Provide your child with age-appropriate games and toys to help stimulate healthy early brain development.

Choose Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of League City, Texas rather than settling for a typical daycare. We provide our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum that focuses on creating neural pathways, for language, social-emotional, physical and cognitive development, while utilizing our unique “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy. Your child will experience a nurturing comfortable environment with professional teachers, and the right amount of fun for optimal learning and brain development. Contact us for more details on our specialized child care services.

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