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Gardening Ideas for Preschoolers

Posted on 03-28-2017

Spring is right around the corner and your preschooler needs every excuse we can get to soak up the sun and enjoy the wonderful, sunny weather. A great outdoors activity is gardening, and you can include your little one in your gardening adventures too! Here are five great gardening ideas to get you started.


Remember Peter Rabbit and his obsession with radishes? You can grow your own! Most fruit will develop within 20–30 days of planting the radish plant, so this is a perfect timeframe to keep the attention of those little preschoolers.


Sunflowers are a huge hit with kids because they grow to be so tall! After reaching up to twelve feet, the sunflowers produce sunflower seeds that can be eaten or fed to the birds. You could grow your own sunflowers for the seeds, and then use the seeds to attract birds—turning gardening into a zoology lesson!


Strawberries are a favorite for little kids because most everyone loves strawberries! They are relatively easy to grow, and fruit is almost a guarantee. Your preschooler will want to pick the strawberries as soon as they begin to bloom, so make sure they know that the longer you leave the strawberries on the vine to ripen, the sweeter they will become.


Potatoes and carrots are great root plants that will grow below the surface. You won’t be able to see the progress that they are making from the outside, but it will be very rewarding to finally dig up the potatoes and carrots after a few weeks of waiting in anticipation. The growing process is easy, and all you need to do is water them appropriately!

Try out these gardening ideas this spring with your little one and create memories in the garden together.

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